“There is no I; there is only truth. The way to truth is through the heart.”


While we were living in California, near Joshua Tree in the high desert, I had alot of time between dips in the pool, to create. I was inspired at the time by an experience of altered consciousness that I had while under the spell of the Integratron. I am still convinced that this is why we had to spend time in this particular area.

While the mystery of exactly why will probably remain hidden forever I speculate that I needed the download from my dolphin guide. Ok, I know I am sounding super crazy woo-woo here, but I am prone to super crazy woo-woo so what the hell!
The dolphin guide story began in Hawaii while I was with a reiki master and a girlfriend inside a lava tube cave. Yeah, it was a super sacred place and while inside I had a vision and connection with my dolphin guide.  There is way more to this story but suffice it to say that I also had a dolphin download in Mt. Shasta just before I left California in 1997 that was a healing modality.

Back to the Integratron.

So, there I was, lying on the floor of the Integratron while crystal bowls were being played and soon I was inside of a dolphin, which was the shape of the Integratron when you are looking up at the ceiling. This is a wooden structure held together with one big concrete donut. Not a nail in the place, which I believe to be significant in the design because there is no interference in vibration from metal. Right?
So, I have this rather remarkable sound and inside-my-own-head light show and I am thinking, well, dolphins in the desert, wtf?! I walk out into the brightness of the desert, not exactly grounded back into reality when I end up in a conversation with the woman we purchased our entry from. I tell her about my dolphin experience and her eyes get big and says to me, “you are the only other person other than myself that I have talked to who had a dolphin experience. I must tell you that if you were to find this hole in the desert out by Giant Rock, you would be able to hear dolphins there.”  So, that clinched it as authentic for me. Kinda blew my mind. and pretty soon, the universe was moving us along out of Joshua Tree, but not until I created a bunch of oneness totems and had the intention of putting the pattern on a website so anyone could make them and spread them around.

For me, the mandalic design of the “many becoming one” is significant. My intention for the past 20 or so years has been to live with others in an Intentional Community.  In the meantime I have been privileged to  experience a life full of wonder.  I have followed my heart into dark places that allowed me to allow. To open up to ideas, places and people for an experience that I would have never chosen from my mental point of view.  I have been disappointed by what feels like a lack of support until I realize the method in the madness of the universe to wake me up!  I am, among other things, aware that we are running on artifical time with the gregorian calendar.  I have been involving myself in learning about natural time from folks like Lisa Star,, so that I can free myself from the paradigm of “time is money.” Time is art! Jose Arguelles (Pacal Votan) brought a truth into light for this amazing shift of ages. It was no wonder for me when a few weeks ago I saw Nassim Harriman’s Torus around the earth pictures that it validated Jose’s visualization of the rainbow bridge meditation.

The oneness totems are my rainbow bridge meditation.  I use my hands to create prayer. Prayer for me is gratitude. My intention goes into all that I co-create.   You see, my circle expands with every Oneness Totem that is gifted into the world.  Whatever they bring with them is beyond me and that is what gives me my greatest joy. I ask you to send my message out with these as you create them, but I hope that you come to find your own new story with them. Connection to a circle, around an organic object, like a rock, or a wooden disc may not seem to affect change but my hope is that you are inspired to connect to a circle that grows with love.

Whatever you decide to create these for, the wonder of Oneness is my intention of sharing this pattern with you. May you crochet in peace.

Here is the pattern with a few notes.  You will need a roundish flatish riverstone. You can add beads, etc and either wear them or use as an altar piece.
I use cotton crochet thread and a small crochet hook. Size D hook or smaller. Try pearl cotton or any thin string.  You will have some trial and error, depending on the size of your object, your hook and your thread. If you are making a totem to wear then you should get the fit tight, not so important with an altar piece.
Here goes:
Chain 6 and join to form a ring.
Chain 1 and work 12 single crochets into ring, join using a slip stitch into first sc.
next round: Chain 7 then triple crochet into the first sc, chain 3, repeat around until you have 12, including your chain 7. Slip stitch into the 4th chain of beg ch-7.


last round: Chain 4, skip all ch 3 spaces and triple crochet in each triple crochet around. at some point near the end you will need to insert your object. Join round with a slip stitch in the 4th chain of beg ch-4.

If the fit is good you are done! Leave a long tail for sewing in your end, sew in the end from your beginning round and finish as you desire.

You can crochet a string to hang it on your neck, use a leather or other cord to hang it from.
Make lots of them and give them away! Spread the love.
Thank you for joining the circle of gifting.
Namaste, y’all,


About Marcinigini

I am blogging to connect with others in order to move forward the gift culture concept as expressed by Charles Eisenstein and to further the implementation of an intentional community network. Some of my blogs will have nothing to do with those but will involve my passions of crafting and cooking and open sourcing.

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