You say swants, I say swants, let’s just wear them!


One of the things I do is make stuff. Actually, I make alot of stuff when I can get around to it. Making stuff is my favorite pastime. Lately I have moved away from so much knitting to handwork and making objects in felt. There is something so satisfying to me about the feel of felt. I am consoled by it. Less fattening then a cookie.

Being a knitter though, I am aware of some of the heavy hitters of the knitting world phenomenon, one of which is Stephen West. I have actually knitted a few of his shawls.

Here is one I would NEVER knit again. it is soooo obvious why.


Anyway, he has now become famous for his give-away tutorial on how to make a pair of swants. These are a brilliant way to take a mans sweater, hopefully from a thrift store, and turn it into leggings, or sweater pants. Of course,I HAD to have a pair. I took his advice and made the first one out of a sweater I was not attached to in case I really fucked it up. I did not take photos of the process of putting the sweater on because it was all kinds of obscene and strangeness and hooting and hollering, amusing to my husband but I finally got the thing pinned into position and had an aha! moment when I came to understand the method in the madness. So, here they are.


and for a few bucks I have something unique and not these for way more, cute as they are.

And before I leave you on this glorious December 24th and go crazy in the kitchen with food prep I want to thank a blogging goddess:  www. who gathered 23 other craft bloggers for a magnificent advent calendar give-away! Generosity is in the air. Breathe deeply and enjoy the abundance! Namaste y’all!


About Marcinigini

I am blogging to connect with others in order to move forward the gift culture concept as expressed by Charles Eisenstein and to further the implementation of an intentional community network. Some of my blogs will have nothing to do with those but will involve my passions of crafting and cooking and open sourcing.

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  1. gini girl! so glad to know you and love that you are rocking and rolling and creating. so much is in this air we are breathing. lightness and madness and going with creating good things is the high road

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